A Mother’s Story

I am June Bradbury and I wish to share the story of my son and his wonderful achievements against significant odds.

After three miscarriages, and with the correct gynecological intervention, I eventually conceived my beautiful son, Joshua.  Joshua was born in 1996 and was to be my only child. I was thirty six years old at the time.

From the day I arrived home from hospital, Joshua was wide awake and busy.  We persevered at home for the first two years.  At the age of two, Joshua went to a play school.  His teacher at the time reported that Joshua, although very active and sociable with the other children, did not respond to requests or reprimands.

At the age of three, Joshua was accepted into a school offering Nursery and Grade R.  He was to remain in the pre-grade R class for the following year.  After much upset with the teachers at the school, I decided that Joshua should see a psychologist to try to establish his inability to concentrate and respond to instructions.

Joshua saw the psychologist for a few diagnostic sessions. The test results revealed scores in the Significantly Intellectually Impaired bracket, similar to what a child diagnosed with Downs Syndrome might score. We immediately decided that Joshua needed a specialised school environment.

The following year Joshua was accepted into a different pre-school which provided remedial teaching.  After completing a year at the remedial school, it was advised that he should repeat grade R.  The therapists and teachers planned to re-evaluate him towards the middle of the following year to see if he would be ready for Grade 1.

It was during this year, that we were advised that Joshua had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) with major learning difficulties. It was advised that Joshua should attend a school which offers remedial teaching and continue with private therapy, during the day at this school.

The following year Joshua commenced his Primary School years at Vista Nova School in Rondebosch, Cape Town. He started in Grade 1 and received Occupational, Speech and Physiotherapy which was included in his school fees.  Halfway through his first year, after much input from his teacher and therapists, Joshua saw the school doctor and we were advised to put Joshua onto Ritalin. At first, we were shocked, but soon realised that in order for Joshua to progress, we needed to try this option.

At the end of grade 3, therapies were discontinued as Joshua had mastered the required levels in order to cope independently in the classroom.  My son was making good progress!!

And so the years passed, with numerous challenges and obstacles in Joshua’s path, but he persevered and made his way up to Grade 11.  Because of his interest in the money markets, global economy and stock exchange, Joshua decided to spend his Grade 11 job shadow experience at a company dealing with asset and wealth management.  It was after this job shadowing that Joshua realised what he wants to do in “life after school”.

Joshua worked hard, passed Grade 11 and is currently in Grade 12, about to write his National Senior Certificate examinations!

I am confident that Joshua will do well in his Grade 12 final exams.  He has worked extremely hard. He was chosen to do his Consumer Studies practical demonstration for the WCED Subject Advisor and obtained 82% for his effort!  He also presented an excellent English oral exam on Rhino Poaching for the WCED English Subject Advisor, whom I believe was very impressed.

Joshua has been accepted at Varsity College to do his B Com. He has met all the minimum requirements and I am one very proud mommy!  I believe that this achievement is due to the early intervention received and the dedication of the teachers and therapists at Vista Nova School.

A Mother’s Story