As I run on the 31st of March my mind is focused on the learners I teach. As I go up each hill I think of the struggles that each learner has to go through each day to complete their tasks. I will be thinking of the difficulties they face from waking up to prepare for school, to the difficulties they face as they move around the school and try to go through a seemingly simple task of writing an exercise. I think of the struggle of learning to walk at school age, when others did it in one year. Daily the struggles are different and with each kilometre, the up hills and the down hills are different. I DARE you today to make a difference and lighten the day. MAKE YOUR DONATION. Click on the link below.

Two Oceans 2018: Champion Page | BackaBuddy
My name is Lawrence Mupfururi and I am a teacher at Vista Nova Junior School. Vista Nova is a special needs school that caters for children from Pre-Primary to Grade 12


Friends of Vista Nova

Bank Account:  Standard Bank

Rondebosch Branch: 025009

Acc:  07 141 6528
Lawrence Mupfururi


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